Surveys and Statistical Analysis

    Civis undertakes surveys and original research and provides comprehensive analysis of existing data. We can link to existing data sources and create user-friendly systems for gathering, compiling and analysing information. Recent projects have included:

    • Projecting demographic change;
    • Projecting care and support needs for established and specifically defined client groups.

    A typical project combines ONS population data, modified by local development plans, with local and national prevalence data and specialist local surveys and review of specific needs. The techniques have been used successfully to provide sensitive, area specific, projections of support needs across all client groups. The effect of investment in one type of service can be factored into the demand for others to provide a comprehensive plan and sensitivity analysis.

    We have set up data gathering systems to monitor contracts, organisations and services, including:

    • Providers’ progress towards implementing local authority policy;
    • Organisational and service level performance;
    • Managing agents’ service standards and contractual responsibilities.
    • Web-based applications can be set up to allow users to input data directly. Our Excel based returns for complex reporting provide easy navigation and help screens for users with automatic data extraction and report compilation from completed workbooks. Outputs are designed for one-off or regular reporting using charts and dash-board style displays to meet specific reporting needs.