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    The following publications or research reports can be downloaded from this website.

    Performance Assessment Framework for housing associations working with managing agents (Housing Corporation 2004)

    This good practice guide aims to assist associations in meeting the standards of the Regulatory Code and promotes good joint working with managing agents. The full guidance includes model performance returns which are also available as self-calculating tables . The summary includes an overview of the performance assessment framework and the recommended performance indicators. Please note that the Regulatory Code has now been replaced by the TSA’s regulatory framework for social housing in England.


    Review of the Baseline Supporting People Evidence Base (CLG 2005)

    This is the first attempt to provide a concise account of the key baseline evidence for the Supporting People programme. The review sets out the development of housing related support services; what the key objectives of the Supporting People programme are; reviews data collected on the programme including supply mapping, client information and quality and performance data and; reviews key research outputs and policy documents.


    The Effectiveness of floating support for the Supporting People Programme (CLG 2008)

    This review was commissioned in order to better understand the effectiveness of floating support services, and the balance needed between floating support and accommodation based services in order to improve service delivery and choice and control for service users. The findings and recommendations in this report are those of CIVIS and do not necessarily represent the views or proposed policies of Communities and Local Government.


    Learning and Experiences from the Individual Budget sites (Kate McAllister and Shaun Bennett CLG 2009)

    This study is based on learning from the 13 Individual Budget sites about the way in which Supporting People funded has been combined with social care funding to pilot Individual Budgets.


    Scoping Review of the Supporting People Distribution Formula (Housing Analysis and Surveys Expert Panel Paper 2010)

    This review was produced for the CLG Expert Panel to inform the scope of a more comprehensive study


    Impact on the need for Supporting People services arising from population growth in the four sustainable community growth areas (CLG 2010)

    CLG commissioned this study to consider how the need for housing related support, funded through the Supporting People programme, is likely to change as the population in the four Growth Areas changes.  It also considered how local authorities within the areas can work together effectively to meet the needs of vulnerable people.


    A Scoping Review of Longer Term Outcomes of the Supporting People Programme (Housing Analysis and Surveys Expert Panel Paper 2010)

    This review was produced for the CLG Expert Panel