New Business

    We undertake reviews of the current service profile of clients and advise on new and more effective ways of securing new business and of different business strands that they may wish to consider pursuing.

    From our very broad experience we can usually suggest new areas of service delivery for agencies to explore.  These will usually be a logical development from what is currently on offer but perhaps utilising skills differently or extending a service to a different client group.

    We can advise on securing capital funding for supported housing and extra care housing, as well as planning related issues. We can also advise on housing benefit for vulnerable people, as well as the use Local Housing Allowance where housing is developed through a private sector scheme. We can also advice on securing new care and support business as well as other types of services such as employment services or day opportunities.

    We also support clients to pursue new business opportunities through:

    • Tracking appropriate tendering, grant and other opportunities and advising clients accordingly
    • Providing technical support for bidding
    • Advising on different approaches to securing new business.  We have particular expertise, for instance, in spot purchasing and Individual Budget Arrangements

    We have specialist expertise in the interface between not for profit and trading activities and the development of social enterprises.