We advise on mergers; group structures; joint vehicles; consortia and other forms of partnership. We provide a full implementation service for whatever structural options may be chosen.

    • Work with a client to agree the parameters for the kinds of partners they are looking; generate background summaries on all organisations that fall within those parameters; and then make initial, discrete enquiries to Chief Execs and / or chairs
    • Help organisations who may be concerned about their future viability to identify suitable partners where the combined organisation is likely to be far more resilient
    • Work with organisations that have already decided on merger to help facilitate the process
    • Draft all the relevant agreements and other documentation for which we have well tested templates
    • Liaise with the regulatory bodies on a client’s behalf and advise them generally on the regulatory requirements
    • Undertake due diligence exercises.
    • See the process through to a satisfactory completion

    We can provide all the technical documentation that is required; deal with regulatory bodies and undertake comprehensive due diligence exercises.